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Multan Social Offer Facebook & WhatsApp

Multan Facebook Offer

Now Jazz brings a Multan Social offer for the resident of Multan. With Multan Social offer, you will enjoy Facebook and WhatsApp. Enjoy 4 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & BiP on the Jazz network. You can also subscribe to LBC offers.

4 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO

4 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO & BiP on 4G Network only
Rs.41 (Incl. Tax)

How to subscribe to Multan Social Offer?.

Dial *499# to subscribe to Multan Social offer.

How to check remaining data?.

Dial *499*2# to check the remaining data.


All residents of Multan jazz users can subscribe to this offer/



Subscription Code *499#
Remaining Data *499*2#
Subscription Fee Rs.41
Validity 30 Days
Terms and Conditions
  • The offer price is 41 Rupees.
  • To subscribe to the offer dial *499#.
  • Offer validity is 30 days.
  • Offer is for a limited time so any time company can terminate this offer.
  • You can see if the offer price has changed here.
  • All the details of the offer can also be found on the Jazz app.
  • Some offers do not have a call setup fee and some do.
  • Always use your name SIM because using someone else’s SIM is a crime and you can be punished for it.
  • In this post you are only looking at prepaid offers. This offer is not for postpaid users.
  • If applicable, 19.5% sales tax (GST) applies to usage
  • 16% applies to FED usage

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